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We have developed several prototype robot systems. Some of these are described here. We specialize in sensor integration, control systems, and path planning for autonomous and semi-autonomous systems. Contact us if you would like to have us help you with your intelligent instrumentation and robotic systems.

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Our mascot Roboty on a test stand next to ROCI.

Roboty was featured on the cover of the Feb 1997 issue of Dr. Dobbs Journal


* ROCI, a remotely controlled camera

* How do the different kinds of batteries perform ?

* Path Planning for Robots

* * RoboPilot, Palm Pilot software to control a Robot.

* I stumbled across this interesting demonstration, by Noel Rode (, of how the MIT robot Genghis walks (zipped binaries for DEC, SUN, SGI, Linux and DOS, 393Kb).

!!! I am building these machines from scratch using an Emco Unimat-3 mini-lathe/mill for the metal and plastic parts. If you are mechanically inclined you might want to take a look at the Personal CNC's home page

You should definitely also know about:

Small Parts Inc.
13980 N.W. 58th Court, P.O. Box 4650
Miami Lakes, FL 33014-0650
Voice: (800) 220-4242
Fax: (800) 423-9009

They are a great resource for mechanical parts, metal and plastic stock, etc.


Robotics Literature

Here is a book that I have found to be VERY useful:

Song, S-M, and K.J. Waldron, 1989; Machines That Walk: The Adaptive Suspension Vehicle, MIT Press, Cambridge Mass, 314 pages, ISBN 0-262-19274-8

And if merely walking isn't challenging enough for you:

Raibert, M.H., 1986; Legged Robots That Balance, MIT Press, Cambridge Mass, 233 pages, ISBN 0-262-18117-7

And of course there is the modern classic (not much on walking robots, but generally useful),
Jones, J.L. and A.M. Flynn, 1993; Mobile Robots, Inspiration to Implementation, A K Peters, Wellesley Mass, 349 pages, ISBN 1-56881-011-3

I see lots of questions on the net about how to control devices from the PC parallel or serial port. Here is a free copy of an excellant book by Tim Hendtlass on Real Time Forth that has this info and more. (This is a zipped Postscript file, not HTML, 1012K).
You might also want to look at my recent Forth Dimensions article.

An index of my ForthWare Columns in Forth Dimensions.

!*! Forth for Lego Mindstorms by Ralph Hempel (

Other Robotic related WEB pages


!*! A Walking Machines Catalogue
* A sample of Forth Dimensions with an article on the Space Shuttle Robot arm, and an article on stepper motors.
The Dallas Personal Robotics Group
* The Laboratory for Perceptual Robotics page
* The MIT AI Lab mobil robot page
* MIT Machine Learning Course 6.858/18.428
* Rodney Brooks' Home Page
* Laurent Chabins' Robot Homepage
* A Site Dedicated to Those who Wish to Persue Robotics as a Hobby
* A hobby robotics site with tips and info on robotizing RC cars new!


* The ANIMATS (artifical animals) page
* The Arrick Robotics page, this is a very informative site, especially
their Internet Robotics page.
* The Cybermotion Mobile Robotic Systems page
* Diversified Enterprises, suppliers of miniature robots.
* - Robotics News, Tutorials, Discussion Forums, Books, a directory of Robotics Links.
* The Robot Store, this is Mondo-Tronics Inc. the shape memory alloy people (they also sell the Basic Stamps).
* Robotics Electronics Part Store
* RobotBooks.Com, books kits and toys
* The Ublige Software & Robotics' Insecta page


* A Robotic Tele-excavation project
* A Robotic Tele-gardening project

And of course, the FAQ

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