Let me tell you how it was.
          (What ?)
          Heh,heh.  I'll have to lie a little.
          (Heh, don't we all)
          But only as much as my imagination will let me.
          (Go ahead lie)
          Yea, let me tell you how it was.
          (Sure, you can lie)
          On the First Day,
          (Yeah ?)
          The very first day,
          (The very first day)
          The Infinite was half asleep, half awake.
          (Heh, heh)
          You know how it is.
          (Heh, heh, heh)
          And in its infinite going on,
               forever, somewhere, in between of everything,
          (Yeah ?)
          It was thinking, how nice it would be to have Finite.
          (Finite ?)
          (Heh, heh)
          Thats how Finite began.
          (Really ?)
             Of course Infinite saw that it was good and,
             well that was the end of the First Day.

         On the Second Day,
          (What happened ?)
          Things were getting out of hand, gotta tell ya.
          (Why ?)
          Infinite had one of those, uh, headaches.
               The worst finite headache of its infinite infinity.
          (Oh, sorry to hear that)
          Well, something had to be done immediately.
          (What, what happened ?  What'd ya do ?)
          Well, in no time at all...Temporal,
          (Um, hum)
          was everywhere.
          Yeah, Temporal.
          And as soon as they met, Finite and Temporal fell in Love,
               It was marriage at first sight.
          (Oh, who married them ?)
          Infinite felt infinitely good about the whole thing,
               and then,
          (Heh, heh, heh)
          Well, the Second Day was over.
          (Two days)
          On the Third Day,
          Inside of an infinite yawn,
          (Infinite yawn !)
          And, uh, also outside of it now that I think of it,
               Kind of, uh, within and without you could say,
          Uh, the First Born happened.  Dilemma,
          (Who ?)
          became the First Born,
          (Dilemma ?)
          of Finite and Temporal.
          (Dilemma ?)
          Yeah, they didn't know what to call it,
          so they called it: Dilemma.
          (Heh, heh, heh, good name)
          And ever since, Dilemma has been the father of countful,
          (Heh, heh)
          But uncounted Dilemmas, since
          (You can say that again)
          Finite and Temporal and all their, uh, little Dilemmas,
               have been trying to define a place they can call their own.
               But they, you know,
          (Like what ?)
          Like now.
          (Now ?)
          Yeah, thats what they thought of inventing,
          (Now !)
          (Now, hum)
          And, ah, well the Third Day was over, it was good,
               and Infinite was ready for an infinite good nights sleep.
          (Now huh ?)

         On the Fourth Day it turns out that Infinite overslept.
          (Ha, ha, ha)
          Had to be awakened by a larger Infinity.
          (Hey, uh, Infinite, wake up !)
          Total amnesia was the diagnosis.
          (Infinite, get up !)
          See, there was no memory of the first three days,
          (Where am I ?)
          (Where am I ?)
          And the need for some kind of history, any kind, became a necessity.
          Right now,
          (Right now)
          Would have to leave traces,
          Of what Temporal and Finite would call Vestigal,
            Um hum, eh, history sort of to as far back as you can see from now.
          (Vestigal...lot of big words here)
          Vestigal Dilemmas.
          (Vestigal Dilemmas)
          And the Fourth Day ended.
          And nobody was sure, if it was good or bad.
          (I couldn't say)
          Except the larger Infinity.
          (What happened, what happened next ?)
          On the Fifth Day,
          (Who ?)
          was circling, around a crowd of rational numbers.
          (Pi-R-Square ?)
          Good looking, Ones, and Nines, and over there,
               A Million Three Hundred and Sixty-Five,
               Except for leap years.
          (Leap year ?)
          And Pi got up the rising arc of an infinite spiral, shining,
               and spilled the beans about there being an infinitely greater
               number of infinite irrational beans than theres an infinite
               number of infinite rational beans.
          (Is that true ?)
          And that shocked all those rational numbers.
          (Is that true ?)
          And the Fifth Day ended, infinitely good and infinitely bad.
          And the Infinite dreamt an infinite dream, called Higher Math.
          (Higher Math)

         On the Sixth Day, Hey its me !
          (Who ?)
          Fell in love with, Hey its me !
          And immediately gave birth to many, many, many more than many,
               'Hey its me's
          (Hey, huh, huh)
          It happened in The Garden, with an infinite snake,
               who keeps shedding his Sins,
          Quicker than the quickest instant.
          (That's fast)
          The only things he'll eat are rational and irrational numbers,
               hates apples, loves disguises.
          (Who are you ?)
          Betcha don't know me, huh ?
          (No, I don't.  Who are you ?)
          See, its me !  Hey its me ! Hey its me !
          (Is it ?)
          Hey its me !
          (Is it you ?)
          Its me !
          (It is !)
          Its me !
          (Its you, yeah)
          Its me !
          (Ha, its you !)
          The Father Me,
          (Its me !)
          The Son Me, The Holy Spirit Me, Me Me Me !
          (Its me, too !)
          And it was Saturday night, and of course all the bars were crowded,
               just like now, and everything was so-so.
          (I'll have a beer)
          On the Seventh Day, it was obvious.
          (What was obvious ?)
          Everything is infinitely never finished.
          (Ha ha !)
          So, ah, see you on Monday.

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