Forth Compilers on Taygeta

I have tried to catagorize these compilers into native, meta/cross, and embeddable compiler systems. Long time Forth users will understand that sometimes the boundary between these catagories is not always that clear. Those of you that are new to Forth be warned that many of these cross compiler systems include a native compiler for the target system.

Similarly, many compilers can be used in multiple operating environments, I have tried to catagorize them according to the primary operating system but you should check them all over when reviewing this list.

Native compilers

Multiplatform systems

+ The BigForth,
A native code Forth for Linux and Windows by Bernd Paysan (
+ The GForth Site,
An ANS Forth for Unix, Linux, MS-DOS.
GForth 0.5.0 Cross-compiled for the Sharp Zaurus PDA by Skip Carter

+ Dirk Zoller's PFE (mostly) V0.9.14, the Portable Forth Environment

* Phil Burk's pForth a portable ANS Forth for Unix, Mac, Win95/NT.

* jForth a Forth for the Amiga.

* Rob Chapman's ( TIMBRE system
This is a freeware Mac, Intel, and HP Precision FORTH. (355K zipped file)
+ Wil Baden's ThisForth (V1.0.0.d February 1995 version)


+ Tom Almy's ( CMP Forth compiler for MS-DOS page
* Albert Chan's WPFORTH (zipped file).

+ Terry Loveall's implmentations of Chuck Moore's Color Forth

Pygmy Forth
*Frank Sergeant's ( Pygmy Forth 1.5 (118K zip file)

Pygmy Forth 1.5 text file

Pygmy Tools pygtools (86K zip file)
Pygmy Tools text file
* Forth32 By Rick VanNorman (
A 32-bit shareware Forth for OS/2 and DOS-DPMI.
os2forth.txt (551K)
* FPC V3.6 ,
Tom Zimmer's ( Forth (16 bit) for MS-DOS


* Forthmacs V3.00.

* Power Mops Beta
PMops (650K)
PMops text
* MOPS 4.0.0, Object Oriented Forth for the Mac
Read me text file
Mops400.sit.bin code (2435K)
MOPS (3.4) FAQ (10K).
manual (PDF)
manual (same as above, in MS Word v4/5 format)
Selection Framework code (166K)
+ The MOPS Page.

+ Yerk 3.67, Object Oriented Forth for the Mac
Yerk Readme file (5K).
Manual (548K), code (499K)

Misc platforms

* Neal Bridges' Quartus Forth site, for the US Robotics Palm Pilot.

* Jih-tung Pai's eForth, for the Palm Pilot.

* Samuel Tardieu's PicForth, for the Microchip Pic 16F87x


Note that most of the Multiplatform systems will run on Unix.

* Francois-Rene's ( Linux port of eForth V1.0e
* Jih-tung Pai's eForth, for the Linux.


* LMI WinForth V1.01,
Shareware Forth for Windows Info, and self extracting Code
* Win32For V4.2,
32 bit Forth for Windows(32s,95,NT) by Tom Zimmer ( and Andrew McKewan,

Cross and Meta compilers

* Dwight Elvey's ( 2K1Forth forth the ADSP 2100
Readme file (5K).
Code (237K)

new! Brad Eckert's ( Forth and Tiny Open Firmware for 68K,8051 and AVR

+ Oliver Singla's ( Forth for the TMS320C50 DSP

* Brad Rodriguez's ( CAMEL Forth series
Krishna Myneni's ( kForth

* Joerg Plewe's F68KANS (November 1993 version),
ANS Forth for 68K processors, Info, and Code (zipped)

* Michael Josefsson's ( Forth for the PIC16C84
+ Wonyong Koh's ( hForth series
* TCOM V2.5,
Tom Zimmer's ( Forth (16 bit) cross/meta compiler for MS-DOS

Compilers for embedding

These compilers can be used to create ordinary Forth systems but their real strength is their ability to be built into a C/C++ application as a scripting language within the application.

* John Walker's ATLAST 1.0,
Autodesk Threaded Language Application System Toolkit Info, and Code (270K tar Gnu zipped)
* John Sadler's Ficl,
Forth Inspired Command Language Info, and Code
* Norman Smith's UNTIL V2.5.2,
the UNconventional Threaded Interpretative Language, Info, and Code (237K zipped)
Reference Guide (a hypertext document).
Zipped Documentation.

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