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F. Alphabetic list of words (informative annex)

In the following list, the last, four-digit, part of the reference number establishes a sequence corresponding to the alphabetic ordering of all standard words. The first two or three parts indicate the word set and glossary section in which the word is defined.
          .6.1.0010   !           store                 CORE
          .6.1.0030   #           number-sign           CORE
          .6.1.0040   #>          number-sign-greater   CORE
          .6.1.0050   #S          number-sign-s         CORE
          .6.2.0060   #TIB        number-t-i-b          CORE EXT
          .6.1.0070   '           tick                  CORE
          .6.1.0080   (           paren                 CORE   (           paren                 FILE   (LOCAL)     paren-local-paren     LOCAL
          .6.1.0090   *           star                  CORE
          .6.1.0100   */          star-slash            CORE
          .6.1.0110   */MOD       star-slash-mod        CORE
          .6.1.0120   +           plus                  CORE
          .6.1.0130   +!          plus-store            CORE
          .6.1.0140   +LOOP       plus-loop             CORE
          .6.1.0150   ,           comma                 CORE
          .6.1.0160   -           minus                 CORE   -TRAILING   dash-trailing         STRING
          .6.1.0180   .           dot                   CORE
          .6.1.0190   ."          dot-quote             CORE
          .6.2.0200   .(          dot-paren             CORE EXT
          .6.2.0210   .R          dot-r                 CORE EXT   .S          dot-s                 TOOLS
          .6.1.0230   /           slash                 CORE
          .6.1.0240   /MOD        slash-mod             CORE   /STRING     slash-string          STRING
          .6.1.0250   0<          zero-less             CORE
          .6.2.0260   0<>         zero-not-equals       CORE EXT
          .6.1.0270   0=          zero-equals           CORE
          .6.2.0280   0>          zero-greater          CORE EXT
          .6.1.0290   1+          one-plus              CORE
          .6.1.0300   1-          one-minus             CORE
          .6.1.0310   2!          two-store             CORE
          .6.1.0320   2*          two-star              CORE
          .6.1.0330   2/          two-slash             CORE
          .6.2.0340   2>R         two-to-r              CORE EXT
          .6.1.0350   2@          two-fetch             CORE   2CONSTANT   two-constant          DOUBLE
          .6.1.0370   2DROP       two-drop              CORE
          .6.1.0380   2DUP        two-dupe              CORE   2LITERAL    two-literal           DOUBLE
          .6.1.0400   2OVER       two-over              CORE
          .6.2.0410   2R>         two-r-from            CORE EXT
          .6.2.0415   2R@         two-r-fetch           CORE EXT   2ROT        two-rote              DOUBLE EXT
          .6.1.0430   2SWAP       two-swap              CORE   2VARIABLE   two-variable          DOUBLE
          .6.1.0450   :           colon                 CORE
          .6.2.0455   :NONAME     colon-no-name         CORE EXT
          .6.1.0460   ;           semicolon             CORE   ;CODE       semicolon-code        TOOLS EXT
          .6.1.0480   <           less-than             CORE
          .6.1.0490   <#          less-number-sign      CORE
          .6.2.0500   <>          not-equals            CORE EXT
          .6.1.0530   =           equals                CORE
          .6.1.0540   >           greater-than          CORE
          .6.1.0550   >BODY       to-body               CORE   >FLOAT      to-float              FLOATING
          .6.1.0560   >IN         to-in                 CORE
          .6.1.0570   >NUMBER     to-number             CORE
          .6.1.0580   >R          to-r                  CORE   ?           question              TOOLS
          .6.2.0620   ?DO         question-do           CORE EXT
          .6.1.0630   ?DUP        question-dupe         CORE
          .6.1.0650   @           fetch                 CORE
          .6.1.0670   ABORT                             CORE   ABORT                             EXCEPTION EXT
          .6.1.0680   ABORT"      abort-quote           CORE   ABORT"      abort-quote           EXCEPTION EXT
          .6.1.0690   ABS         abs                   CORE
          .6.1.0695   ACCEPT                            CORE
          .6.2.0700   AGAIN                             CORE EXT   AHEAD                             TOOLS EXT
          .6.1.0705   ALIGN                             CORE
          .6.1.0706   ALIGNED                           CORE   ALLOCATE                          MEMORY
          .6.1.0710   ALLOT                             CORE   ALSO                              SEARCH EXT
          .6.1.0720   AND                               CORE   ASSEMBLER                         TOOLS EXT   AT-XY       at-x-y                FACILITY
          .6.1.0750   BASE                              CORE
          .6.1.0760   BEGIN                             CORE   BIN                               FILE
          .6.1.0770   BL          b-l                   CORE   BLANK                             STRING   BLK         b-l-k                 BLOCK   BLOCK                             BLOCK   BUFFER                            BLOCK   BYE                               TOOLS EXT
          .6.1.0850   C!          c-store               CORE
          .6.2.0855   C"          c-quote               CORE EXT
          .6.1.0860   C,          c-comma               CORE
          .6.1.0870   C@          c-fetch               CORE
          .6.2.0873   CASE                              CORE EXT   CATCH                             EXCEPTION
          .6.1.0880   CELL+       cell-plus             CORE
          .6.1.0890   CELLS                             CORE
          .6.1.0895   CHAR        char                  CORE
          .6.1.0897   CHAR+       char-plus             CORE
          .6.1.0898   CHARS       chars                 CORE   CLOSE-FILE                        FILE   CMOVE       c-move                STRING   CMOVE>      c-move-up             STRING   CODE                              TOOLS EXT   COMPARE                           STRING
          .6.2.0945   COMPILE,    compile-comma         CORE EXT
          .6.1.0950   CONSTANT                          CORE
          .6.2.0970   CONVERT                           CORE EXT
          .6.1.0980   COUNT                             CORE
          .6.1.0990   CR          c-r                   CORE
          .6.1.1000   CREATE                            CORE   CREATE-FILE                       FILE   CS-PICK     c-s-pick              TOOLS EXT   CS-ROLL     c-s-roll              TOOLS EXT   D+          d-plus                DOUBLE   D-          d-minus               DOUBLE   D.          d-dot                 DOUBLE   D.R         d-dot-r               DOUBLE   D0<         d-zero-less           DOUBLE   D0=         d-zero-equals         DOUBLE   D2*         d-two-star            DOUBLE   D2/         d-two-slash           DOUBLE   D<          d-less-than           DOUBLE   D=          d-equals              DOUBLE   D>F         d-to-f                FLOATING   D>S         d-to-s                DOUBLE   DABS        d-abs                 DOUBLE
          .6.1.1170   DECIMAL                           CORE   DEFINITIONS                       SEARCH   DELETE-FILE                       FILE
          .6.1.1200   DEPTH                             CORE   DF!         d-f-store             FLOATING EXT   DF@         d-f-fetch             FLOATING EXT   DFALIGN     d-f-align             FLOATING EXT   DFALIGNED   d-f-aligned           FLOATING EXT   DFLOAT+     d-float-plus          FLOATING EXT   DFLOATS     d-floats              FLOATING EXT   DMAX        d-max                 DOUBLE   DMIN        d-min                 DOUBLE   DNEGATE     d-negate              DOUBLE
          .6.1.1240   DO                                CORE
          .6.1.1250   DOES>       does                  CORE
          .6.1.1260   DROP                              CORE   DU<         d-u-less              DOUBLE EXT   DUMP                              TOOLS
          .6.1.1290   DUP         dupe                  CORE   EDITOR                            TOOLS EXT   EKEY        e-key                 FACILITY EXT   EKEY>CHAR   e-key-to-char         FACILITY EXT   EKEY?       e-key-question        FACILITY EXT
          .6.1.1310   ELSE                              CORE
          .6.1.1320   EMIT                              CORE   EMIT?       emit-question         FACILITY EXT   EMPTY-BUFFERS                     BLOCK EXT
          .6.2.1342   ENDCASE     end-case              CORE EXT
          .6.2.1343   ENDOF       end-of                CORE EXT
          .6.1.1345   ENVIRONMENT?environment-query     CORE
          .6.2.1350   ERASE                             CORE EXT
          .6.1.1360   EVALUATE                          CORE   EVALUATE                          BLOCK
          .6.1.1370   EXECUTE                           CORE
          .6.1.1380   EXIT                              CORE
          .6.2.1390   EXPECT                            CORE EXT   F!          f-store               FLOATING   F*          f-star                FLOATING   F**         f-star-star           FLOATING EXT   F+          f-plus                FLOATING   F-          f-minus               FLOATING   F.          f-dot                 FLOATING EXT   F/          f-slash               FLOATING   F0<         f-zero-less-than      FLOATING   F0=         f-zero-equals         FLOATING   F<          f-less-than           FLOATING   F>D         f-to-d                FLOATING   F@          f-fetch               FLOATING   FABS        f-abs                 FLOATING EXT   FACOS       f-a-cos               FLOATING EXT   FACOSH      f-a-cosh              FLOATING EXT   FALIGN      f-align               FLOATING   FALIGNED    f-aligned             FLOATING   FALOG       f-a-log               FLOATING EXT
          .6.2.1485   FALSE                             CORE EXT   FASIN       f-a-sine              FLOATING EXT   FASINH      f-a-cinch             FLOATING EXT   FATAN       f-a-tan               FLOATING EXT   FATAN2      f-a-tan-two           FLOATING EXT   FATANH      f-a-tan-h             FLOATING EXT   FCONSTANT   f-constant            FLOATING   FCOS        f-cos                 FLOATING EXT   FCOSH       f-cosh                FLOATING EXT   FDEPTH      f-depth               FLOATING   FDROP       f-drop                FLOATING   FDUP        f-dupe                FLOATING   FE.         f-e-dot               FLOATING EXT   FEXP        f-e-x-p               FLOATING EXT   FEXPM1      f-e-x-p-m-one         FLOATING EXT   FILE-POSITION                     FILE   FILE-SIZE                         FILE   FILE-STATUS                       FILE EXT
          .6.1.1540   FILL                              CORE
          .6.1.1550   FIND                              CORE   FIND                              SEARCH   FLITERAL    f-literal             FLOATING   FLN         f-l-n                 FLOATING EXT   FLNP1       f-l-n-p-one           FLOATING EXT   FLOAT+      float-plus            FLOATING   FLOATS                            FLOATING   FLOG        f-log                 FLOATING EXT   FLOOR                             FLOATING   FLUSH                             BLOCK   FLUSH-FILE                        FILE EXT
          .6.1.1561   FM/MOD      f-m-slash-mod         CORE   FMAX        f-max                 FLOATING   FMIN        f-min                 FLOATING   FNEGATE     f-negate              FLOATING   FORGET                            TOOLS EXT   FORTH                             SEARCH EXT   FORTH-WORDLIST                    SEARCH   FOVER       f-over                FLOATING   FREE                              MEMORY   FROT        f-rote                FLOATING   FROUND      f-round               FLOATING   FS.         f-s-dot               FLOATING EXT   FSIN        f-sine                FLOATING EXT   FSINCOS     f-sine-cos            FLOATING EXT   FSINH       f-cinch               FLOATING EXT   FSQRT       f-square-root         FLOATING EXT   FSWAP       f-swap                FLOATING   FTAN        f-tan                 FLOATING EXT   FTANH       f-tan-h               FLOATING EXT   FVARIABLE   f-variable            FLOATING   F~          f-proximate           FLOATING EXT   GET-CURRENT                       SEARCH   GET-ORDER                         SEARCH
          .6.1.1650   HERE                              CORE
          .6.2.1660   HEX                               CORE EXT
          .6.1.1670   HOLD                              CORE
          .6.1.1680   I                                 CORE
          .6.1.1700   IF                                CORE
          .6.1.1710   IMMEDIATE                         CORE   INCLUDE-FILE                      FILE   INCLUDED                          FILE
          .6.1.1720   INVERT                            CORE
          .6.1.1730   J                                 CORE
          .6.1.1750   KEY                               CORE   KEY?        key-question          FACILITY
          .6.1.1760   LEAVE                             CORE   LIST                              BLOCK EXT
          .6.1.1780   LITERAL                           CORE   LOAD                              BLOCK   LOCALS|     locals-bar            LOCAL EXT
          .6.1.1800   LOOP                              CORE
          .6.1.1805   LSHIFT      l-shift               CORE
          .6.1.1810   M*          m-star                CORE   M*/         m-star-slash          DOUBLE   M+          m-plus                DOUBLE
          .6.2.1850   MARKER                            CORE EXT
          .6.1.1870   MAX                               CORE
          .6.1.1880   MIN                               CORE
          .6.1.1890   MOD                               CORE
          .6.1.1900   MOVE                              CORE   MS                                FACILITY EXT
          .6.1.1910   NEGATE                            CORE
          .6.2.1930   NIP                               CORE EXT
          .6.2.1950   OF                                CORE EXT   ONLY                              SEARCH EXT   OPEN-FILE                         FILE
          .6.1.1980   OR                                CORE   ORDER                             SEARCH EXT
          .6.1.1990   OVER                              CORE
          .6.2.2000   PAD                               CORE EXT   PAGE                              FACILITY
          .6.2.2008   PARSE                             CORE EXT
          .6.2.2030   PICK                              CORE EXT
          .6.1.2033   POSTPONE                          CORE   PRECISION                         FLOATING EXT   PREVIOUS                          SEARCH EXT
          .6.2.2040   QUERY                             CORE EXT
          .6.1.2050   QUIT                              CORE   R/O         r-o                   FILE   R/W         r-w                   FILE
          .6.1.2060   R>          r-from                CORE
          .6.1.2070   R@          r-fetch               CORE   READ-FILE                         FILE   READ-LINE                         FILE
          .6.1.2120   RECURSE                           CORE
          .6.2.2125   REFILL                            CORE EXT   REFILL                            BLOCK EXT   REFILL                            FILE EXT   RENAME-FILE                       FILE EXT
          .6.1.2140   REPEAT                            CORE   REPOSITION-FILE                   FILE   REPRESENT                         FLOATING   RESIZE                            MEMORY   RESIZE-FILE                       FILE
          .6.2.2148   RESTORE-INPUT                     CORE EXT
          .6.2.2150   ROLL                              CORE EXT
          .6.1.2160   ROT         rote                  CORE
          .6.1.2162   RSHIFT      r-shift               CORE
          .6.1.2165   S"          s-quote               CORE   S"          s-quote               FILE
          .6.1.2170   S>D         s-to-d                CORE   SAVE-BUFFERS                      BLOCK
          .6.2.2182   SAVE-INPUT                        CORE EXT   SCR         s-c-r                 BLOCK EXT   SEARCH                            STRING   SEARCH-WORDLIST                   SEARCH   SEE                               TOOLS   SET-CURRENT                       SEARCH   SET-ORDER                         SEARCH   SET-PRECISION                     FLOATING EXT   SF!         s-f-store             FLOATING EXT   SF@         s-f-fetch             FLOATING EXT   SFALIGN     s-f-align             FLOATING EXT   SFALIGNED   s-f-aligned           FLOATING EXT   SFLOAT+     s-float-plus          FLOATING EXT   SFLOATS     s-floats              FLOATING EXT
          .6.1.2210   SIGN                              CORE   SLITERAL                          STRING
          .6.1.2214   SM/REM      s-m-slash-rem         CORE
          .6.1.2216   SOURCE                            CORE
          .6.2.2218   SOURCE-ID   source-i-d            CORE EXT   SOURCE-ID   source-i-d            FILE
          .6.1.2220   SPACE                             CORE
          .6.1.2230   SPACES                            CORE
          .6.2.2240   SPAN                              CORE EXT
          .6.1.2250   STATE                             CORE   STATE                             TOOLS EXT
          .6.1.2260   SWAP                              CORE
          .6.1.2270   THEN                              CORE   THROW                             EXCEPTION   THRU                              BLOCK EXT
          .6.2.2290   TIB         t-i-b                 CORE EXT   TIME&DATE   time-and-date         FACILITY EXT
          .6.2.2295   TO                                CORE EXT   TO                                LOCAL
          .6.2.2298   TRUE                              CORE EXT
          .6.2.2300   TUCK                              CORE EXT
          .6.1.2310   TYPE                              CORE
          .6.1.2320   U.          u-dot                 CORE
          .6.2.2330   U.R         u-dot-r               CORE EXT
          .6.1.2340   U<          u-less-than           CORE
          .6.2.2350   U>          u-greater-than        CORE EXT
          .6.1.2360   UM*         u-m-star              CORE
          .6.1.2370   UM/MOD      u-m-slash-mod         CORE
          .6.1.2380   UNLOOP                            CORE
          .6.1.2390   UNTIL                             CORE
          .6.2.2395   UNUSED                            CORE EXT   UPDATE                            BLOCK
          .6.2.2405   VALUE                             CORE EXT
          .6.1.2410   VARIABLE                          CORE   W/O         w-o                   FILE
          .6.1.2430   WHILE                             CORE
          .6.2.2440   WITHIN                            CORE EXT
          .6.1.2450   WORD                              CORE   WORDLIST                          SEARCH   WORDS                             TOOLS   WRITE-FILE                        FILE   WRITE-LINE                        FILE
          .6.1.2490   XOR         x-or                  CORE
          .6.1.2500   [           left-bracket          CORE
          .6.1.2510   [']         bracket-tick          CORE
          .6.1.2520   [CHAR]      bracket-char          CORE
          .6.2.2530   [COMPILE]   bracket-compile       CORE EXT   [ELSE]      bracket-else          TOOLS EXT   [IF]        bracket-if            TOOLS EXT   [THEN]      bracket-then          TOOLS EXT
          .6.2.2535   \           backslash             CORE EXT   \           backslash             BLOCK EXT
          .6.1.2540   ]           right-bracket         CORE

Available from the American National Standards Institute, 11 West 42nd Street, Newyork, NY 10036

Other common implementation techniques include direct translation to code and other types of tokens.

These terms are not defined in the Standard. They are mentioned here for historical continuity. Collating Sequence:

! " # $ % & ' ( ) * + , - . / digits : ; < = > ? @ ALPHA [ \ ] ^ _ ` alpha { |
} ~

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