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Directions to Taygeta

From San Francisco Airport, you have four basic options:
  1. Fly to Monterey. This will cost around $100 and the scheduling is limited because Monterey has a small airport. The flying time is 15 to 25 minutes depending upon the type of aircraft they are using that day.
  2. The Commuter Route. This drive goes through the heart of Silicon Valley. It will take two solid hours of driving plus any delays that the traffic may create. Please see below.
  3. The Scenic Route. These beautiful drive goes right along the edge of the Pacific Ocean. The road is sometimes narrow and many sections are frequently fog-bound. This route will take about three hours of driving to get to Monterey. Please see below.
  4. Highway 17. This route cuts over the mountains from San Jose to Santa Cruz and then follows Highway 1 north to Monterey. This road is congested and has poor traffic visibility. There can be delays due to the weather or traffic accidents. As delays can be over an hour in length, we do not recommend using this road.


The Scenic Route
  1. Take Highway 101 south (to San Jose) to Highway 92 (this is about 10 miles, but I have never actually measured it). (Note: From the city of San Francisco, one can take Highway 280 to Pacifica and then Half Moon Bay instead of 101 to 92).
  2. Take Highway 92 west, towards Half Moon Bay. Follow 92 up over the mountains to the end in Half Moon Bay.
  3. Then take Highway 1 south (towards Santa Cruz and Monterey). Follow Highway 1 all the way to Monterey (about 100 miles). In Santa Cruz, there is a confusing section where Highway 1 becomes a city street for a while - watch for the signs directing you to Monterey.
  4. When Highway 1 reaches the town of Marina, continue with the Commuter Route, Item 5 below.
The Commuter Route
  1. Take Highway 101 south (towards San Jose) to Highway 85 in Mountain View (this takes about 20 minutes plus any traffic delays).
  2. Take Highway 85 south, Cupertino/Santa Cruz and follow it to end where it rejoins Highway 101.
  3. Take Highway 101 south towards Los Angeles through the towns of Gilroy and Prunedale.
  4. At Prunedale, take Highway 156 to the Monterey Peninsula. This is short ( 4 mile ) 2-lane highway that cuts across to Highway 1 on the coast.
  5. Follow Highway 1 south to Monterey. Get off Highway 1 at the Monterey exit for Soledad Street. Take a right at the light onto Munras Avenue. At the second light you reach you will see a tan 3 story building, 1340, which is where TSI is at. To reach it continue to the third light and make a U-Turn to reverse direction. There is parking in back of the building.

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