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From Harmonic Software /
Date: Wed, 13 Nov 1996 22:04:46 -0800

Templates for short and long versions of an O-Matrix link follow.
(Please feel free to download the free copy from our home site.)

  • Harmonic Software Inc.
    Makers of O-Matrix, an interactive analysis and visualization environment.
  • Harmonic Software Inc.
    Makers of O-Matrix, an interactive analysis and visualization environment. O-Matrix provides a broad range of plotting capabilities and an integrated matrix language similar to MATLAB but with much better performance and many enhanced features. Download a free Light version of O-Matrix from the Harmonic home page.
  • Beau Paisley Harmonic Software Inc. (206) 367-8742, (800) 895-4546, FAX: (206) 367-1067

  • Radiative Transfer

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    From Michael Brundage
    Date: Wed, 22 Jan 1997 18:32:24 -0800

    Software Package:  Radiative Transfer
    Copyright: California Institute of Technology
    Availability: Free (but requires a licensing agreement with Caltech)
    Authors: Michael Brundage (,
             Dave Van Buren (
    Radiative Transfer is a Monte Carlo C++ simulation of radiative transfer
    (with scattering) through an inhomogeneous dynamic (interstellar) medium. 
    This program has been compiled on both UNIX and PowerPC platforms.  It uses
    an adaptive grid and best-known voxel-walking algorithms to follow
    particles and particle-medium interactions. 
    We have successfully used Radiative Transfer to predict expected
    astronomical observations based on theoretical models.  For example, one
    simulation (used to obtain HST observing time) using the Tereby-Shu-Cassen
    model of protostellar evolution (written in FORTRAN) with a max resolution
    of approximately 4000:1 in each linear direction ran at an average speed of
    over 540 photons per second on a PowerPC 8500/180 with 32Mb RAM.
    Contact Dr. Dave Van Buren ( for additional details
    or licensing information.

    Mechanical Analysis

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    From Steven D. Wix /
    Date: Wed, 19 Feb 1997 06:51:48 -0700 (MST)

    I'm developing a mechanical analysis home page.  Part of the home page
    is about CFD codes and information. Would you include the home page in
    the CFD list you maintain?  The URL is