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The CFD Codes List was originally compiled by Tomasz Plewa (, and is now being maintained by Wayne Christopher at ICEM CFD Engineering ( Please send all update requests to Wayne. This is the most recent version of the list.

I will be happy to hear about codes/links/sites not included in this list. Please, e-mail me directly or post to the newsgroup. Each contribution should contain short description of the method, availability, author, etc.

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    U.K.: by Dave Boulton
    U.S.: by Douglas Arnold
    Asia: by Jun Kuwamura
    Austria: by Tony Sprinzl

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Aug 2, 1999            July 19, 1994

Software category

[com] commercial
[pub] public-domain
[shw] shareware, freeware
[shw] consulting services, academic sites, and other links

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